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Nanotech in food, energy and health: what areas and issues for a dialogue?

During the first part of the GoNano project about fifty stakeholders with different roles in the R&I value chain have been interviewed in order to discuss the main technological developments in food, health and energy sectors. Representatives of R&I networks, public and private research, industry, policy makers, and end-users from several different countries in Europe have been involved.

The stakeholders highlighted the potential applications of nanotechnologies that could bring significant impact on society.  Many issues, that could be relevant to discuss in public debates emerged from the interviewees. A second part of the interviews also focused on experiences in stakeholders’ engagement in technology developments.

A complete report has been compiled and is now available, analyzing the research priorities and product scenarios and the needs and concerns emerged from the interviews, with respect to these scenarios. Differences and similarities between the three sectors have been discussed and some cross-sectorial or general issues have been highlighted.

Several insights to design future dialogue initiatives on nanotechnologies have been collected, regarding the methodology, the stakeholders to be engaged, the issues to debate and the goals to be pursued through societal engagement.

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