The GoNano YouTube channel offers a wealth of information and materials GoNano produced over de years.

Introduction video clip about the aims of the GoNano project.




the GoNano project in 90 seconds

Process and outcomes GoNano

GoNano developed five audio-visual vignettes capturing the development of the concrete product suggestions or research aims that came out from a collaboration between citizens (Citizen workshop), and stakeholders including citizen (Stakeholder workshop I) from each of the pilot countries – energy in Spain, food in the Czech Republic and health in the Netherlands. Please watch the five audio-visual vignettes









GoNano best practices

GoNano has explored best practices in co-creation as input to the overall GoNano process design. We have intervieuwed innovators behind five noteworthy initiatives who explain what their project was about, what the main results were, and what recommendations may be derived from it for organising co-creation. The interviews complement a broader survey of best practices by way of a literature survey and in-depth interviews with co-creation practitioners and researchers across Europe. Please watch the best practices movies 








Future scenarios video clips

GoNano developed a series of nine future scenarios for nanotechnology applications in healthcare, food and energy production as an example to help visualize future nanotechnology applications and raise questions on acceptability, sustainability and desirability that come with it. These future scenarios are about everyday life situations to illustrate how nanotechnologies might be used in the future. Please visit the future scenarios for nanotechnology applications page.








The GoNano co-creation process

GoNano developed an iterative, four-step co-creation process to align research and innovation in nanotechnologies with societal needs, values and concerns. The co-creation process combined face-to-face citizen engagement and stakeholder workshops in three different pilot countries (health in the Netherlands, food in the Czech Republic, and energy in Spain). Please watch these videoclips to get an impression of these interactive days,

Citizen workshops in Prague, Barcelona and Enschede





Stakeholder workshops in Barcelona, Prague and Enschede








Interviews with project coordinator, partners and external advisory members half way the project





GoNano webinars

The GoNano project is committed to developing tools for researchers and engineers, who would like to work more co-creatively with citizens and other types of stakeholders. To share our lessons learned, GoNano organised three webinars; 1) co-creation in research and innovation; 2)  co-creation in practice; and 3) outcomes and results of co-creation. Please visit GoNano webinars on co-creation and research: a series in three parts.